Here at Make Beautiful we can't help but create.

We love to tell personal and authentic film experiences that bring out the essence of your story.

Check out our work and what clients think about us below.


What our clients are saying about us

“Make Beautiful has a brilliant eye for filming and editing that can capture the three elements of a story in a surprising short time frame; visuals that tell the story, show the way forward and then a solution. The five part series that they created for me on Bangladesh have produced amazing results to help thousands of children.”
— Don Armstrong, Regional Coordinator for Asia and Pacific Region, CHOG Global Strategy
“We have worked with Make Beautiful on projects ranging from small, local business profiles to large-scale corporate campaigns and their level of professionalism and attention to detail never ceases to amaze us. Their ability to tell stories through short, powerful videos is unparalleled.”
— Tiny Giant
“I’ve known Make Beautiful for 4+ years. They’re a great team & absolutely professional from start to finish. We’ve worked on a few things together, most recently, a video case study with Filemaker that quickly paid for itself by bringing in new business. I would highly recommend Make Beautiful to anyone.”
— Jared Houghton, CSO, Ambition
“Make Beautiful produced an exceptional video for OddStory Brewing Company. They are professionals in everything they do; from conducting interviews to recording video footage through the final editing process. All was done with focus on accomplishing our goals. As an added bonus, in the process, we developed friendships which we renew often over craft beer!”
— Bryan Boyd, Owner, Oddstory Brewing Company
“Working with Make Beautiful was a seamless experience – from booking travel to actual shoots and then to editing and revisions. They truly captured the spirit of our firm and the companies with which we work.”
— Openview Venture Partners
“Make Beautiful has created several videos for company-wide distribution to our 4,000+ employees. They are extremely skilled in telling our stories in heartfelt and artistic ways that correlate to our company culture.
Not only do they create a beautiful finished product, but they are also excellent to work with throughout the production process, putting people at ease during filming and accommodating our schedules and requests. We couldn’t commend them more!”
— Kenco Logistics
“The Make Beautiful team is not only extremely talented in a technical sense, their expertise goes way beyond that. They really listened to our big-picture needs as an organization, and orchestrated all of the moving parts to help us tell our story well.”
— Chelsea Conrad, Causeway
“Make Beautiful understands how to tell a story about my business with the most beautiful visuals possible. The end product always exceeds my expectations and my customers love seeing what we do on every trip.”
— Andrew Lyon Travel
“As an organization with an broad range of work, Make Beautiful has been able to capture an amazing snapshot of who we are. I am blown away by their level of expertise and creativity. They set the bar high with the quality and production of their work. When we need something beautiful, and we will go back to them again and again.”
— Rob van Beek, Many Hands for Haiti
“Make Beautiful’s professionalism and artistry made for an incredible collaboration for our video, which told the story of our public art group. The video beautifully captured the essence of our work while telling a story to excite, engage and grow our audience.”
— The 800 Collective
“I highly recommend working with Make Beautiful. After giving them an idea of what I had in mind for a music tourism video, they were able to enhance the vision through their creativity and delivered an outstanding product beyond the scope of our initial conversation. They are professional, talented, and simply ‘get it.’ Looking forward to working with them again!”
— Chattanooga Convention & Visitors Bureau
“Make Beautiful always provides timely service and a quality product. They are good listeners who quickly grasp the basic concept and are able to move it forward through production. Their videos make for happy clients.”

— Andy Jones, RoundTree Agency
“It is nothing less than an immense joy to see Kelly create, and that joy is always completed by the final product he delivers. Make Beautiful is aptly named—that is exactly what they do. One glance through the reel and you can feel how meticulously Kelly has chosen each shot, each moment, to tell the story he is seeking to tell. I can personally guarantee that hiring Make Beautiful will not only yield a return on your investment, but be an encouraging and earnest time of renewal as you are invited to see through a new lens with this team.”
— Jonathon Cate, Vincit